When “WE COACH” our students, we really want them to succeed
and reach even beyond their potential. With CIECAR framework,
the following is the result (from 2014 – present)



“I study Physics and ICT at Up Grade Class with P’Ice and P’Rit. P’Ice is kind teacher and can understand me and doesn’t make time in class to be so strict. I can talk to him like one of my friend. I am very happy to study with him. I’ve enjoyed learning at Up Grade Class!! The most important thing is I didn’t only enjoyed learning but I also get a lot of knowledge from this course which can be adapt for my daily life. 3 word successes is mine.”​


Physics A, Math A, ICT A

“I took ESL with Kru Insia, Math with Kru kai and Business with Kru Net at Up Grade Class. My future goal is to get into engineering Faculty. Kru Insia have new way of teaching and very attractive. She is very skill Full and funny. She knows a lot about exam. Kru Net ทำวิชา Business study เป็นเรื่องที่ง่ายและอยากเรียน และ ส่วน ครู Insia สอนแล้วจะหาข้อ ควร ปรับปรุงให้กับผมอยู่ทุกคลาส พึ่ทำให้ห้องเรียนไม่น่าเบื่อและมีสีสันไม่เหมือนใครและเข้ากับตัวผมได้ดีมากอีกด้วย 3คำ A แน่ นอน.”​


Math A, Business A, ICT A,
Computer Science A, Chemistry A, Econ A

“I study ICT and Computer study with P’kai at Up Grade Class. My future Goal is to study Computer Engineering at Mahidol University International College. P’Kai understands and knows how to push me to reach my goal. His teaching can be easily understood and he also gives a lot of homework. I feel good to have an opportunity to have classes with a teacher who has an attempt to teacher student and coaches like teacher kai.”​


Computer Study A*, ICT A

Phachara Patcharachavalit (MooDang )

Thank you for providing me with all the knowledge needed and for supporting me after all this time. I am now accepted in TEPE (The Faculty of Engineering Thammasat University) all thanks to teachers at UP Grade Class” “Remarkable teachers, amazing friends”

Natthakrita Sae-Tung (Pang)

I learnt Business Studies with Kru’Net, he’s such a great guy, professional at teaching. His teaching was so good and I could understand every single thing he taught. It’s been a tough time during that moment. I struggle a lot on this subject, when I first learnt with Kru’Net I was so worried, but as time gone it seems easier than what I thought. I got an “A” on my Business Studies exam. I’m proud with this result and hopefully I would be able to get into Chula or Thammasart university in the faculty of business as soon as possible. I just want to thanks the teacher so much for what he’s done for us

Danica Sirismatthakarn (Floyd)

Even though I took only several hours with P’Net on Travel and tourism, he helped me understand writing techniques and focused on exam tips. P’Net also encourage us to find real life destinations which helps in memorizing more than reading the same examples from the same textbooks. P’Net is very professional as teaching as well as friendly, making class not as boring and certainly improves my understanding in travel and tourism. Making me end up with a high A of 87% which would hopefully succeed my aims of entering bachelor degree in hospitality at Switzerland.

Florentina Vanderperre (Floren)

Teachers care about us both academically of personal story, always encouraging, kind, very detailed explanation. “Enjoy learning”

Nandini Guna (Nini)

I took ICT and Physics at Up Grade Class Phayathai. P’Ball teaches ICT.  P’ICE teaches me Physics. He is very active and develops his lesson plan very eccentrically. When I asked him question and he doesn’t know the answer he will find it out for me from different source.

Pornchanit Choktanasiri (Jaja)

Doing A-level Tutoring with Kru Kai has been extremely helpful in allowing me to become more confident with completing past papers to timed conditions. I have also received support and guidance on exam techniques- both of which I’ve found useful. However, the best part about studying at UpGrade Class is how friendly the teachers are – they are always a Line Chat away making them super approachable and you can always ask them a question if you wanted. They are always ready to answer! Thank you ka Kru Kai.


When “WE COACH” our students, we really want them to succeed
and reach even beyond their potential. With CIECAR framework,
the following is the result (from 2014 – present)

Up Grade Class เราโคชน้องๆเพื่อดึงศักยภาพสูงสุดภายในระยะเวลาที่ไม่นาน ซึ่งคุณครูของเราสามารถพัฒนาความสามารถของน้องๆได้ทะลุเป้าหลายของน้องๆเกือบทุกคน เพราะนอกจากเราจะมีครูที่มีความสามารถแล้ว Up Grade Class ยังมีหลัก CIECAR ซึ่งทำให้รักษามาตรฐานในการเรียนการสอนในระดับสูงกว่ามาตรฐาน ดังผลสำเร็จด้านล่างนี้ (เริ่มเก็บสถิติจากปี 2014 ถึงปัจจุบัน)

Accepted to World Ranked University

 Bhimamongol JotikasthiraCornell University (Com Science), USA
Chart VichanartUniversity of Indiana, USA
Wowarin PongsakonpruttikulMedical University of Lublin, Poland
Kanchisa PhungchittisarnMedical University of Lublin, Poland
Danica SirismatthakarnHospitality Industry Management, Switzerland
Pongpol LorthongpaisarnCardiff Sixth Form College, England
Notorn KhemsastraMDIS College, Singapore

International Accredited Awards

Wowarin PongsakonpruttikulHighest mark in Thailand (IGCSE Travel)
Nicha WilanantHighest mark in Thailand (IGCSE Computer Study)
Pongpol LorthongpaisarnHighest mark in Thailand (IGCSE Computer Science)
Anyapat PattanayanonHighest mark in Thailand (IGCSE Business Studies)
Wish SuharitdamrongHighest mark in Thailand (IGCSE Computer Science)

High Achievement in Exam

Nicha Wilanant Score: SAT Math 780 Math IGCSE A* Computer Science IGCSE A* Chemistry IGCSE A Physics IGCSE AAtijit Anuchitanukul Score: Math IGCSE A* ICT IGCSE A Business IGCSE A Economics IGCSE A Computer Studies IGCSE A
 Phakarat Muangkaew Score: SAT Math 730 ICT IGCSE AFlorentina Vanderperr Score: Biology IGCSE A* Economics IGCSE A
 Nandini Guna Score: ICT IGCSE A Physics IGCSE A Chemistry IGCSE A Phil Hiransrisoontorn Score: ICT IGCSE A* Economics IGCSE A*
 Ratima Sureechainirun Score: ICT IGCSE A Biology A Com Sci IGCSE A* Pongpol Lorthongpaisarn Score: ICT IGCSE A* Biology IGCSE A Com Sci IGCSE A*
 Nataree Chulaserikul Score: Math IGCSE A* Chemistry IGCSE A Phanuwit Thaipadunganit Score: ICT IGCSE A Biology IGCSE A
 Patcharasiri Poonnim Score: ICT IGCSE A Chomsorn Satitwittayakul Score: Business IGCSE A
 Chih Hsuan Wang Score: Business IGCSE A* Naytanya Petchsongkram Score: ICT IGCSE A
 Nutthamon Itthipoowadol Score: Physics A* Math A* ICT A Ussana Hittrawat Score: Computer Study A* ICT A
 Thunchanok Hirunvanijkul Score: Business A Travel A Danica Sirismatthakarn Score: Travel A*
 Chayanit Leenabanjong Score: Business A* Whale Score: Business A
 Natthakrita Sae-Tung Score: Business A Ganyanat Glinsukonthaporn Score: Business A Travel A ICT A
 Thanamanee Denvittaya Score: Business A* Wowarin Pongsakonpruttikul Score: Travel A*
 Bhimamongol Jotikasthira Score: Econ A* Nonlhanee Preecharwongsiri Score: Business A
 Sandy Score: Business A Nichakamol Singkalavanich Score: Business A*
 Paphawee Tongthaisin Score: Business A* Econ A* Travel A Natwajee Chiamburaset Score: ICT A
Nattachai Thanaboonsrikoon Score: ICT A Natcha Chulikavit Score: Business A*
Hattakarn Lertyongphati Score: Business A*Supparat Jirachotikul Score: Business A*, ICT A*
Isdech Amornwaraphak Score: ICT ANutkritta Kaewjinda Score: Business A
 Yanisa Yang Score: Business  ASupichaya Surtivejvorakul Score: Business  A
Kamonwan Donsawan Score: Economics A

Accepted to Top Tier Thai University

Panalee WongsahanChulalongkorn University
Atijit AnuchitanukulChulalongkorn University
Phalat RujiraArpornChulalongkorn University
Chayanit LeenabanjongChulalongkorn University
Thunchanok HirunvanijkulChulalongkorn University
Bongkotporn PenphaenChulalongkorn University
Nicha ChulikavitChulalongkorn University
Phachara PatcharachavalitChulalongkorn University
Suchawit HongpitakpongChulalongkorn University
Patarapoom MahadumrongkulChulalongkorn University
Natcha ChulikavitChulalongkorn University
Hattakarn LertyongphatiChulalongkorn University
Natwajee ChiamburasetThammasat University
Methawee ChulawalaiwongThammasat University
Juthaporn ChulawalaiwongThammasat University
Nisha VilanantThammasat University
Nandini GunaThammasat University
Krit PatanapanlertThammasat University
Kwanchanok KhunanukhunThammasat University
Roypun DhanasthityaThammasat University
Florentina VanderperreThammasat University
Yanisa YangThammasat University
Eaar KitipatThammasat University
Book ChanonMahidol University
Ganyanat GlinsukonthapornMahidol University
Phenphaka PhurinanMahidol University
Tichaya WongborphidKasetsart University
Adulwit SethayukanonKasetsart University
Thitisuda JirawinijKasetsart University
Voramet ChotpureepongThe International College of KMUTNB